Educating about Equality in Islington Schools

Image of facilitator delivering an activity to a group of primary school pupils
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For the sixth year running, EqualiTeach in partnership with Islington Council will be delivering equality workshops to young people in schools throughout Islington.

Schools can choose from our range of workshops which include:

  • Outside the Box: Understanding gender and challenging stereotypes
  • Reject Racism: Exploring identity and challenging racism
  • Faith in Us: Understanding and challenging Islamophobia
  • Home from Home: Understanding migration and related issues
  • Celebrating Different Families: Celebrating different families and tackling homophobia
  • All Inclusive: Understanding disability and tackling disability-related bullying
  • Cross Words: Exploring the language of equality

Workshops are delivered to class groups encouraging discussion and participation and use specially designed activities and resources to explore ideas in age-appropriate ways.

What teachers have said about our workshops:

“Very well delivered and resourced.”

“Great workshop – children were engaged and enjoyed the activities.”

“Great delivery and enthusiasm.”

To fund a similar programme for schools in your area please get in touch.

You can find out more about our workshops including accessing a booking enquiry form for your school here.

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