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Equality Workshops for Islington Schools

EqualiTeach is delighted to be working in partnership with Islington Council for the fifth year, offering fully-funded equality workshops to schools in Islington. Workshops are available for students in years 3-6, covering various topics relating to equality. The following workshops

Black History: Month?

By Sheza Afzal The principle aim of teaching history at school in Key stages 1-3 is “to introduce students to major events that shaped British history” and to “know and understand the history of these islands as a coherent, chronological

Photo of the Empire Windrush ship with many people waving from it

The Windrush Scandal: What Next?

By Tammy Naidoo They came as British citizens at the invitation of the British government, but now, in 2018, those from the Windrush generation have been left frightened and uncertain of their future in the only country that many have

The Far-Right: Hiding in Plain Sight?

By Kate Hollinshead Two weeks ago I delivered a workshop on critical thinking with year 5 pupils in a primary school in East London. At the beginning of the workshop, we played a game where groups of young people had

Refugees Welcome?

By Sarah Soyei  “With those crow’s feet at 17, he’s obviously been using the wrong moisturiser!” -Sun Executive commenting on a refugee from Calais Human beings have a natural fear of change and of the ‘other’ or unknown.  Alongside this,

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