Free Resources for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Schools

EqualiTeach’s free resources have been carefully designed in collaboration with leading partner organisations.

A selection of our resources are included below for educators to use in their settings to promote equality, celebrate diversity and tackle discrimination.

Most of these documents are PDF files that can be downloaded, saved and printed. Some have resource guides which include accompanying documents, PowerPoints and worksheets.

If you would like to commission the development of a new or tailored resource, please get in touch.

4 smiling primary pupils signing an EqualiTeach pledge, promising to tackle bullying in their school.
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Equally Safe

Early Years - KS5

Tackling identity-based bullying.

EqualiTeach’s Equally Safe programme involves working with schools throughout England to create support networks who are embedding best practice approaches to creating equal and inclusive schools and tackling identity-based bullying. This resource page shares case studies, tools and guidance from this project so all schools can effectively tackle identity-based bullying.

Reject Racism

Early years - KS5

A collection of recommended anti-racism resources and tools. 

Guidance is divided into categories including information on understanding privilege, support with educating and talking to young people about race and racism, learning about black British history and racism in the UK, as well as suggested campaigns and charities to support.

Outside the Box resource cover

Outside the Box

Early Years - KS5

A whole-school approach to promoting gender equality and tackling sexism and sexual harassment in schools.

This resource includes advice and guidance on how schools can audit their current practice, review policies and make their school environment more inclusive, as well as providing lesson plans and activities designed to educate young people about gender and sexism in Early Years to KS5.

Universal Values

KS2 - 5

A teacher’s resource for responding holistically to the requirement to promote Fundamental British Values.

This guide supports educators to embed values education throughout the school in a cohesive and holistic fashion. The guide includes lesson plans and activities to enable educators to effectively teach values education to pupils in KS2 – 5.

Front Cover of Faith in Us Resource

Faith in Us

KS2 - 5

Educating young people on Islamophobia.

This resource includes information and guidance on how to teach pupils about Islamophobia, activities and lesson plans for young people in KS2 – 5, and how to recognise and respond to Islamophobic incidents.

It was developed in collaboration with young people who participated in one of our Agents for Change programmes.

View the resource guide to find out more about the programme and to view more of their work.

Free to Be

Early years - KS2

Celebrating LGBT+ equality and tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

This resource includes information and guidance on taking a whole school approach to embedding LGBT+ equality and tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in primary schools.

It was developed in collaboration with schools as part of our Free to Be programme.

thumbnail of ALL INCLUSIVE educational resource

All Inclusive

Early Years - KS2

Tackling disability-related bullying in primary schools.

This guidance provides information to help primary schools tackle disability-related bullying and includes classroom activities for teaching pupils in Early Years to KS2 about disability.

Agents for Change

Young People Combatting Islamophobia: A Guide for Educators.

This guide is for any educator or educational establishment who is looking to tackle Islamophobia within their setting. It is based on the work undertaken by EqualiTeach during our Agents for Change: Islamophobia project in Luton in 2019. This project brought together 46 students from 6 schools across Luton. The key principles within this guide will apply to anyone undertaking a project-based initiative, be it internally or bringing together young people from different settings.

Front cover of EqualiTeach's 'Think' workbook for primary students

Think! Extension Activities


Activities for teachers whose students have experienced EqualiTeach’s Think! workshop. These guidance notes take you through the extension activities found in the Think! workbooks provided during the workshops.

thumbnail of Reflecting Diversity in the Classroom

Reflecting Diversity in the Classroom

Early Years - KS4

A catalogue of 90+ recommended books for teaching about issues of equality and diversity.

Video Tutorials

We have created video tutorials to accompany some of the activities found in our resources. You can find these helpful videos on our YouTube channel.

Staff Training

Equality and diversity training for teachers, trainee teachers, support staff, senior leadership teams and governors. We provide people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to promote equality and tackle discrimination in their settings.

Workshops with Young People

Engaging and interactive workshops with young people on various aspects of equality. We tailor workshops to respond to the needs of individual schools and classes and to suit different age groups, abilities and learning needs.

The Equalities Award

The Equalities Award is an online auditing tool providing the opportunity to review, benchmark and celebrate a school’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion. The Award includes one-to-one support from an equality expert for your school and brings added benefits such as training and workshop discounts.

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