Equality Consultancy Services for Education Settings

We know that schools and education settings are under pressure to meet a range of needs, duties and requirements, and it can be difficult at times to know the best approach to take.

Having an outside perspective can be invaluable, as long as it takes into consideration the specific context your setting is working within.

EqualiTeach can provide bespoke consultancy packages for education settings to bolster their work on equality and diversity. We understand that every setting’s needs are unique, so we will work with you to develop a tailored package of support.

Below are some examples of the packages we can provide.

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Where are we now?

This package supports schools with the tools they need to assess their current practice and plan the next steps in their EDI journey


Where are we now? Enhanced Package

This package builds on the tools provided in the basic package with curriculum auditing, data analysis and reporting, and additional in-person support


Where are we now?
Full Works

This is a complete package of tools, resources and in-person support, with an initial learning walk, school-wide consultation and finalised policies


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Policy Support

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy Package

  • Review of existing policy
  • Update or development of policy
  • Meeting to discuss the policy and its implementation
  • Guidance on equality objectives
  • Guidance on equality impact assessments

Anti-Bullying Policy Package

  • Review of existing policy
  • Update or development of policy
  • Pupil-friendly policy adaptation
  • Meeting to discuss the policy and its implementation
  • Guidance on responding to incidents
  • Guidance on dissemination

Similar packages are available for other policies including behaviour policy, uniform policy, home-school agreement, and trans-inclusion policy, and we can offer combined packages of policy-review and support. 

Get Expert Support with Equality Consultancy

Looking for the tools & resources to embed

a whole-school approach to equality, diversity & inclusion?

A whole school approach

Full Packages for Education Settings

You can take advantage of any combination of services. A fully tailored package could include various workshops and training sessions, developing action plans and ongoing support for a whole-school approach.

  • Equality auditing and consultancy
  • Training and workshops
  • Online sessions and e-learning
  • Equalities Award

Staff Training

Equality and diversity training for teachers, trainee teachers, support staff, senior leadership teams and governors. We provide people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to promote equality and tackle discrimination in their settings.

The Equalities Award

The Equalities Award is an online auditing tool providing the opportunity to review, benchmark and celebrate a school’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion. The Award includes one-to-one support from an equality expert for your school and brings added benefits such as training and workshop discounts.

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Resources for Educators

A range of resources available to download free of charge, providing information, guidance and support on issues of equality and diversity. Resources include lesson plans and activities for educating young people about topics such as LGBT+ equality, sexism and sexual harassment, gender equality, Islamophobia and disability. 

education resources