Equality and Diversity Training for Education Settings

EqualiTeach delivers training for teachers, trainee teachers, support staff, senior leadership teams and governors, providing them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to promote equality and tackle discrimination in their settings.

Our sessions provide a safe space in which participants are able to raise concerns in a non- judgemental, non-confrontational, open and honest environment, knowing that their opinion will be treated with respect. Learning takes place through interactive and engaging methods, with small group activities and whole group discussions, providing the opportunity to learn from each other and from expert facilitators.

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In-person and Online Sessions... Tailored for You

All of our equality and diversity training can be provided in person, with face-to-face visits in your school or setting, or through live online sessions via Zoom. We have a robust Coronavirus Risk Assessment (pdf) to enable us to work with your staff safely.

You can find our most popular training sessions below, all available for booking and enquiry. We understand that these sessions sometimes require adapting or combining to fit your needs, so we will always work closely with you to design the most suitable and engaging sessions.

To discuss how we can develop a bespoke package to meet your setting’s exact requirements, please get in touch.

Online Equality E-learning Courses

In addition to our in-person and video link sessions, we also provide access to equality and diversity courses via our e-learning platform. This service is available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

With a selection of subjects and courses available for educators, staff and for parents and carers, this is an easy, accessible way to further your knowledge and confidence.

Really well delivered, thank you!
I think this is a great starting point for further dialogue. Very informative and lots of discussion opportunities.

Training Sessions

Unconscious Bias

Understanding and overcoming unconscious bias.

This session supports participants to:

  • Develop an understanding of why and how unconscious bias manifests
  • Explore the link between unconscious bias, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination
  • Consider the impact of unconscious bias and implicit prejudice on staff, pupils and the wider school community
  • Develop tools to highlight and overcome unconscious bias in schools in order to create more equal, diverse and inclusive settings

Why Equality?

Overcoming unconscious bias and creating inclusive settings.

This session supports participants to:

  • Remove barriers and combat myths which can prevent successful engagement with promoting equality and tackling discrimination
  • Explore the concept of privilege and how structural and institutional discrimination operates to exclude people
  • Understand their duties under equality law
  • Be aware of the impact of unconscious bias
  • Recognise the benefits of engaging with equality initiatives to staff and pupils
  • Explore how to embed equality throughout the setting

Working with Young People on Controversial Issues

Provides educators with the skills, knowledge and confidence to explore controversial topics with young people.

This session supports participants to:

  • Explore why it is important to open up conversations about controversial issues with young people
  • Look at the statutory duties on schools with regards to this work, including the duty to promote Fundamental British Values and the Prevent duty
  • Undertake conversations with young people about controversial issues
  • Explore how to effectively challenge prejudice and stereotypes to create positive change

Responding Effectively to Prejudice-Related Incidents

Provides educators with the knowledge to effectively identify, respond to, and investigate prejudice-related incidents.

This session supports participants to:

  • Consider the legal definition of a prejudice-related incident and have any questions or concerns about this addressed
  • Explore the advantages of recording prejudice-related incidents in school and the barriers which might prevent people from doing so
  • Discuss best practice short-term and long-term approaches to responding to prejudice-related incidents using case study examples

The Language of Equality

Provides educators with a safe space to explore appropriate and unacceptable terminology when discussing issues of equality.

This session supports participants to:

  • Have their fears allayed about the correct use of terminology
  • Consider the power and impact of language in the promotion of equality
  • Explore terminology and understand the reasons why terms are acceptable or unacceptable

Raising Awareness of Specific Issues

Raises educators’ awareness and understanding of specific areas of equality, such as race, sex and gender, LGBT+, religion and disability.

Sessions can be designed to raise awareness of specific equality issues such as:

  • Homophobia
  • Islamophobia
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Transphobia

Sessions can involve a combination of these issues, and will look at raising awareness and tackling discrimination in your setting.

Universal Values

Promoting Fundamental British Values in a cohesive fashion.

This session supports participants to:

  • Understand the requirement to promote Fundamental British Values and how this fits with duties under the Equality Act 2010 and the Prevent duty
  • Consider what constitutes good practice in delivering values education and how to avoid potentially harmful approaches
  • Explore how good practice around Fundamental British Values can strengthen existing work to safeguard children and improve behaviour, safety and wellbeing
  • Look at ways in which the Fundamental British Values of democracy, individual liberty, rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different religions and beliefs can be embedded throughout the setting in a cohesive fashion

Looking for Something Different?

Please get in touch to discuss how we can support you and your setting with a fully tailored session.

Delivery Formats

Face-to-Face Visits

Sessions are delivered with a visit to your premises. We work with you to schedule the sessions to suit your calendar or timetable.

We have adapted our sessions to suit Covid-safe delivery, with our facilitators taking additional safety measures to keep themselves, you and your environment safe. You can read our Coronavirus Risk Assessment (pdf) for face-to-face visits.

Live Online Training

Staff training sessions are delivered via Zoom or Teams. As with face-to-face visits, sessions will feature activities, breakout conversations and Q&A sessions.

We are able to deliver online live training for up to 25 people at a time, with parallel or staggered sessions enabling us to reach all members of staff.

We can work with you to schedule dates and times to suit your calendar and timetable.

Online E-learning

Our e-learning platform contains online courses for many of the same equality and diversity subjects covered in our training sessions.

Through e-learning you will be able to learn from home or work, in your own time and at your own pace, completing modules and advancing your understanding.

Get Started with Equality Staff Training

A whole school approach

Full Packages for Education Settings

You can take advantage of any combination of services. A fully tailored package could include various workshops and training sessions, developing action plans and ongoing support for a whole-school approach.

  • Equality auditing and consultancy
  • Training and workshops
  • Online sessions and e-learning
  • Equalities Award
These sessions have opened my mind! The course leader was very confident and encouraged open discussion. It was useful to look at realistic scenarios that happen in all settings. It definitely made me think about our provision and what we can do to improve it.
Participant in Why Equality?

E-learning Equality and Diversity Courses

Alongside our live equality and diversity training sessions, we have a range of e-learning courses that can be easily accessed and completed in your own time.

  • Approx. 90 minutes course completion time
  • Video and audio content
  • Quizzes and downloadable resources
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Affordable 

You can see course details and sign up directly via our e-learning site.

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Some of our available courses:

  • Working with primary pupils on controversial issues
  • Working with secondary pupils on controversial issues
  • Helping children to think critically about fake news and prejudice
  • Protecting young people from radicalisation and far-right extremism
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Absolutely brilliant. Love how interactive it was. Format and layout are great, so clear and engaging… learnt a lot!
EqualiTeach E-learning User
The delivery is clear, very detailed and has made me much more confident with how I can appropriately approach any topics that my children will face. Thank you.
EqualiTeach E-learning User

The Equalities Award

The Equalities Award is an online auditing tool providing the opportunity to review, benchmark and celebrate a school’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion. The Award includes one-to-one support from an equality expert for your school and brings added benefits such as training and workshop discounts.

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Workshops with Young People

Engaging and interactive workshops with young people on various aspects of equality. We tailor workshops to respond to the needs of individual schools and classes and to suit different age groups, abilities and learning needs.

Resources for Educators

A range of resources available to download free of charge, providing information, guidance and support on issues of equality and diversity. Resources include lesson plans and activities for educating young people about topics such as LGBT+ equality, sexism and sexual harassment, gender equality, Islamophobia and disability. 

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