Equality Workshops for Islington Schools

EqualiTeach is delighted to be working in partnership with Islington Council for the fifth year, offering fully-funded equality workshops to schools in Islington.

Workshops are available for students in years 3-6, covering various topics relating to equality.

The following workshops are available:

  • Celebrating Different Families – learning about different families and how to challenge homophobia
  • All Inclusive – learning about disability and how to tackle disability-related bullying
  • Reject Racism – exploring identity and language and how to challenge racism
  • Outside the Box – exploring gender stereotypes and tackling sexism
  • Home from Home -learning about immigration
  • Faith in Us – learning about how to prevent and challenge Islamophobia
  • Cross Words – understanding the power of language and exploring terminology around identity

More information about the workshops can be found here: www.equaliteach.co.uk/our-work

What young people think about the workshops:

Graph showing student feedback

What teachers have said about the workshops:

“Very well delivered and resourced.”

“Great workshop – children were engaged and enjoyed the activities.”

“Great delivery and enthusiasm.”

Workshops are approximately 2 hours long each and we can deliver workshops to one whole year group per school (single form entry schools can target two year groups).

Workshops will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to have a conversation to find out more about the workshops or book the workshops, please call 01480 470660 or email Frankie: francessca@equaliteach.co.uk

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