Supporting Pupils in the Wake of the USA Presidential Elections

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In the wake of the USA Presidential Elections, EqualiTeach has put together five tips to support you in undertaking discussions on controversial and sensitive issues with young people.


1. Provide Reassurance


Reassure pupils that they are safe in school and that prejudice and discrimination are against the school values and will not be tolerated


2. Open Dialogue


Create a non-judgemental, inclusive environment for pupils to express how they are feeling and share their opinions, questions and concerns.  Drawing up ground rules and using a discussion charter with the young people is a good starting point


3. Encourage Critical Thinking


Provide pupils with the opportunity to take part in values education and develop skills of critical thinking, fact checking, discussing and debating. There are ideas and activities in our Universal Values resource


4. Challenge Prejudice


Effectively challenge any prejudicial attitudes by providing an alternative view and asking enquiry and reasoning questions. There’s more information about how to effectively challenge prejudice in our Equally Safe Guide


5. Encourage Positive Action


Encourage pupils who feel passionate to channel this positively and become active citizens, creating their own initiatives which can help educate their peers about issues of equality and support those who are targets of identity-based bullying

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