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Coronavirus Lockdown: Radicalisation Upturn?

As the world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, there is increased concern that the situation will give rise to more people being drawn into extremism. The closure of schools and youth groups has meant the closure of support

Choose Respect – Reporting and Sorting Bullying in Schools

By Frankie Stephens This Anti-Bullying Week, EqualiTeach is pleased to be facilitating critical thinking workshops with 26 year five and six classes across London and the South East of England. It’s fantastic that schools are taking steps to tackle discrimination,

Scrabble pieces spelling 'No Hate'

Radicalisation: What will we do about The Media Problem?

By Rachel Elgy Darren Osborne’s sentence has brought online platforms into the spotlight: are they doing enough to prevent extremist material from radicalising vulnerable individuals? The answer appears to be no. Social media can be an incredible force for good,

young people protesting outside Big Ben with signs that read 'It's our future' and 'Let us decide our future'

Here’s to 2018, a year for young people

2017… What a year. It is perhaps fair to describe it as a turbulent year, with some incredible highs and devastating lows. However, throughout it all, a thread has been emerging, which highlights a hopeful pattern: young people in the

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim with primary school children from BBC's "no more boys and girls" documentary

Does gender have a place in our classrooms?

By Tammy Naidoo On Monday 13th November the headlines across the majority of newspapers up and down the country all followed a similar thread.  “Let Little Boys Wear Tiaras” and “Boys should be able to wear tutus, tiaras and heels

Responding to Young People’s Questions and Fears

By Sarah Soyei “There’s just so much news at the moment, my head is going to explode!” – a recent comment from a year 6 girl I was working with, and she’s not alone. Whether it’s the Grenfell fire, Brexit,

The Far-Right: Hiding in Plain Sight?

By Kate Hollinshead Two weeks ago I delivered a workshop on critical thinking with year 5 pupils in a primary school in East London. At the beginning of the workshop, we played a game where groups of young people had

Supporting Pupils in the Wake of the USA Presidential Elections

In the wake of the USA Presidential Elections, EqualiTeach has put together five tips to support you in undertaking discussions on controversial and sensitive issues with young people.   1. Provide Reassurance Reassure pupils that they are safe in school

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