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Equally Safe: Our Exciting New Anti-Bullying Programme

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new anti-bullying programme, Equally Safe. Funded by the Department for Education, the programme will see us working with 240 schools to embed best practice in preventing and tackling identity-based bullying.

Supporting Pupils in the Wake of the USA Presidential Elections

In the wake of the USA Presidential Elections, EqualiTeach has put together five tips to support you in undertaking discussions on controversial and sensitive issues with young people.   1. Provide Reassurance Reassure pupils that they are safe in school

Supporting Young People in Post-Referendum Britain

By Sarah: sarah@equaliteach.co.uk “Immigrants are the reason we voted to leave the EU” –10 year old pupil in an EqualiTeach workshop. On the morning of Friday 24th June, it became clear that Britain had experienced an historic vote that could

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