Women’s History Month: A Celebration of Inspiring Women

On the top left is the EqualiTeach logo and the words 'is inspired by...’. On the right is an illustration of five women in the EqualiTeach purple ring and the text ‘Women’s History Month’.
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March is Women’s History Month, but these brilliant women can be celebrated all year round! Our team have been sharing some of the women from throughout history and today who inspire them.

First up, Sarah celebrates the work of the women known as the ‘Hidden Figures’; Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson & Katherine Johnson, who were faced with racist and sexist barriers throughout their careers, and achieved incredible feats. You can find out more about them by reading the book or watching the film ‘Hidden Figures.’

Georgie highlights the pioneering work of Dr Linda Laubenstein, who treated one of the first cases of HIV and AIDs, carrying out crucial research and showing empathy and compassion to a community being ostracised. As a disabled woman she overcome huge barriers, all the while focussing solely on the patients she cared for and the research that made such a difference in the fight against AIDs. The character of Dr Brookner in Larry Kramer’s play ‘Normal Heart’ is based on this brilliant woman.

Rachel is inspired by the poet Rupi Kaur, whose poetry speaks to generations of women with themes of growth, heritage, self-worth and storytelling. You can find out about her books and world tour here: https://rupikaur.com/ and head to her instagram account @rupikaur_ to see the beautiful illustrations alongside her poems.

Amy shares the story of the Bryant & May matchstick women striking for their rights in 1888. You can find out more about this key moment in British labour history here: https://www.bl.uk/learning/timeline/item106451.html

Kate tells us why New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern inspires her in her leadership.

Finally, Sheza tells us about the life and legacy of the activist Marsha ‘P’ Johnson, and why the world could do with a few more Marshas!

Which brilliant women inspire you?

If you’d like to deliver education on gender equality, and the fight for women’s rights, take a look at our resource Outside the Box, which is free to download here: View and Download Outside the Box

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