Rosa UK and Clore Emerging Leaders Fellowship

Rosa UK
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EqualiTeach are delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding from Rosa UK to create an educational resource on how to promote gender equality and tackle sexism and sexual harassment in schools.

The resource will outline how to overcome the barriers which can prevent people engaging in promoting gender equality and tackling sexism, explore how schools can embed gender equality throughout their setting, provide practical solutions to help educators develop strong approaches for responding to and recording sexism, help senior leaders develop robust equality and anti-bullying policies , and provide activities and ideas for teachers to educate  young people about gender equality and sexism.

This is an exciting new project  and will allow us to expand our library of high quality, teacher-approved resources, which can be downloaded for free here.

Rosa UK have also offered our Programme Manager, Rachel Elgy, the opportunity to take part in Clore Social’s inspiring Women and Girls Leadership Programme from September 2018- March 2019, where she will develop the skills and attributes essential for good leadership, in an empowering environment with a network of future leaders.

“Thrilled to be joining @CloreSocial emerging leaders programme- looking forward to meeting and working with a network of inspiring women to build a stronger and more empowered women’s movement #WomenAndGirls

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