Press Release: “Agents for Change: Young Muslims Raising Awareness of and Combating Islamophobia”

Powerpoint slide with Equaliteach logo, title "Agents for Change" and image of coloured silhouettes of young people jumping or posing.
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EqualiTeach is delighted to announce we have received funding from the Home Office Hate Crime Community Projects Fund to extend our series of Agents for Change programmes and run a six month project to support young Muslims to raise awareness and educate others about the harm of Islamophobia.

The project will be based in Tower Hamlets, but the resources produced will be available for schools nationwide. Two programmes will run in parallel; one for secondary school pupils and one for primary school pupils. Eight schools will each select five students and one teacher to take part in the programme.

The young people will come together for an initial planning day where they will have the opportunity to bring forward the issues that they face and the ways in which they would like to address them. At the end of the planning days, pupils will join different parts of the programme, depending on their interests and skills. The different groups will work together with support from teachers, EqualiTeach staff and a film crew to:

  • create awareness raising films
  • create an educational resource
  • creating ways in which pupils in their school can easily report hate crime and Islamophobic bullying and receive support
  • deliver workshops and assemblies in local schools

At the end of the programme, all pupils will come together for an awards ceremony where they will have the opportunity to showcase their work to an invited audience.

Head of Strategy and Development at EqualiTeach, Sarah Soyei, said:

“Last year, there was a 17% increase in reports of Islamophobic crime in London, increasing again following recent terror attacks. Many Muslim young people say abuse is so commonplace it is normalised. We are excited to have this opportunity to work with the young people of Tower Hamlets to provide them with a platform to share their experiences and be part of the solution; educating others about the harm of Islamophobia and improving the support for targets of hate crime in their schools, helping to create school environments where all young people feel safe and able to achieve.”

If you would like any further information about this project, please contact Sarah Soyei, Head of Strategy and Development, 07740364715,

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