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EqualiTeach is thrilled to announce the launch of its online services and our latest Annual Review!  

Annual Review 2019-20

It has been a busy and exciting year for EqualiTeach and we’re pleased to share with you our latest Annual Review, which looks back over the last year and highlights the continued need for our work and the positive impact we’ve made. And, this is a great opportunity to thank you for your continued support. 

Be Inspired: Online Activity Tutorials

Head over to our YouTube channel to see tutorial videos highlighting activities and lesson plans taken from our resources for educators, that can be done with young people at home or at school. The first tutorial is for a critical thinking activity called ‘Voyage to Mars!’ taken from our Universal Values resource.

Stay Connected: Live Online Staff Training 

We know how important it is for teams to continue to stay connected and learn from each other. We are pleased to offer live online staff training courses on equality, diversity and working with young people on controversial issues. Sessions are interactive, including break out discussions and opportunities to share ideas and experiences. ⁠Find out more or get in touch!

Be Empowered: E-Learning Courses

Our brand new e-learning platform is now live! ⁠ ⁠ We have courses available for educators, and a course for parents and carers on helping children to think critically about fake news and prejudice. We want as many people as possible to benefit from our services, so our course for parents and carers is currently free of charge

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