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Universal Values: Responding Holistically to the Requirement to Promote Fundamental British Values

This requirement is a much discussed, highly contentious issue for schools There has been a clear gap in support for schools when it comes to understanding and implementing the requirement to promote ‘Fundamental British Values’ as mandated by the Government in July 2014. There is a fear that term ‘British Values’ implies that these are values that are unique to Britain, which could foster alienation and division, implying that Britain is somehow better and more civilised than other countries. The requirement has also been misinterpreted by many as an instruction to promote stereotypical ideas of what it means to be British or to celebrate Britain’s imperial past.

Noticing this need for clarity and support, EqualiTeach has worked in partnership with the NASUWT to develop this guidance, which has been divided into two digestible parts and is available on the NASUWT website and our website free of charge.

Part one of Universal Values provides details of the requirement to promote Fundamental British Values and an overview of Ofsted’s expectations with regards to this. It imparts techniques to support teachers to undertake conversations with young people about controversial and sensitive issues and share good practice approaches and activities to support teachers to undertake values education. The guide also offers support in implementing this requirement as part of a whole school approach to promoting SMSC development and provides links to further sources of information and support.

Part two, entitled Universal Values: Further Activities and Resources, contains a wide range of ready-made resources and activity plans, suitable for young people in KS1-5, which allow young people to further explore each value in more detail.

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