Gender Equality Training Provider for Institute of Physics

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EqualiTeach are delighted to be an approved provider for the Institute of Physics (IOP), as part of their Whole School Equality Programme: Gender Champions.

The IOP says:
“Gender stereotypes can influence the way we behave, the choices we make and how we react to other people. They can restrict what we think is possible for ourselves and others, even when there are no visible barriers in the way.

The whole school equality programme supports schools to make small changes to their school environment, which can lead to big changes in student outlook.”

EqualiTeach’s role is to provide whole school CPD training on unconscious bias and gender equality. We are really pleased to see the issue of gender equality in schools getting more time, attention and funding, as we have seen the impact that it can have, not just on young people, but on staff, and the whole school ethos.

The IOP says:

“For change to happen across the school, all staff need to understand why the programme is important. The CPD could focus on unconscious bias, or any other gender issue that the school has highlighted as a priority, such as how staff respond to sexist behaviour or bullying.”

Registration for this programme is now open for state-funded secondary schools in England. For full information on how to register, head over the IOP website.

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