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A woman drinking from a can of Feminism Lite

A Meaningful International Women’s Day? More than Marketing

The way this day is celebrated easily lends itself to what has been labelled ‘Pop Feminism’, which centres on slogans, accessories and empowering soundbites rather than active, meaningful change. It has led to the easy commercialisation of the day, with pink cupcakes and discount spa days being flogged as gifts to show your appreciation of the women in your life.

Equality Workshops for Islington Schools

EqualiTeach is delighted to be working in partnership with Islington Council for the fifth year, offering fully-funded equality workshops to schools in Islington. Workshops are available for students in years 3-6, covering various topics relating to equality. The following workshops

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Misguided: The Importance of Supporting Transgender Young People

Trans issues have never been more at the forefront of public discussion than over the past month. The government’s consultation into the Gender Recognition Act has just closed and, as the deadline got closer, anti-trans activists stepped up their campaign


Losing Faith: Banning the Hijab for under 8s

by Kate Hollinshead: “Banning the hijab will help school girls integrate into British society and limit the Islamisation process.” “Banning the hijab will undermine the British Values of individual liberty and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

Press for Progress: Our Pledges for International Women’s Day 2018

by Gabriella Craft: International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere. Taking place on the 8th March each year, IWD calls together organisations, communities and individuals

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim with primary school children from BBC's "no more boys and girls" documentary

Does gender have a place in our classrooms?

By Tammy Naidoo:   On Monday 13th November the headlines across the majority of newspapers up and down the country all followed a similar thread.  “Let Little Boys Wear Tiaras” and “Boys should be able to wear tutus, tiaras

Selection of adverts showing men with a muscular physique, advertising Nivea cream, Paco Rabanne perfume, Milk and dietary supplements

Boys and Body Image – Banter or a Concern for us all?

By Laura Richardson: Recently I have been working on a relationships and sex education project; during my research, I became aware of the issues surrounding negative body image. It is clear that body image is something that can have

Be Bold For Change

 On Wednesday 8th March it was International Women’s Day; a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and to call for action in accelerating gender parity. This is part of a series of events marking

“We Are Women: Hear Us Roar!”

By Sarah: On Saturday 21st January, my daughters and I participated in the Women’s March in London. We joined 100,000 others to march for the rights of all women across the world, to celebrate the diversity that exists amongst

Transgender Kids: Who knows best? Not the BBC, it seems…

By Kate:   On Thursday 12th January, the BBC aired what they called a ‘balanced documentary’ entitled ‘Transgender Kids: Who knows best?’ According to the BBC website, the programme’s aim was to scrutinise the new ‘gender affirmative approach’ to

Breaking the Binary: Caster Semenya and a Very Public Scrutiny

By Kate: Type the name Caster Semenya into Google and the first suggested search that comes up is ‘Caster Semenya man.’ Click on the trending topic ‘Caster Semenya’ on Twitter or Facebook and the comments that appear are: ‘Caster

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