Black Lives Matter: EqualiTeach Statement

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EqualiTeach, like many other organisations and individuals across the UK, has been powerfully impacted by recent events in the US, in particular the murder of George Floyd.

Our hearts are with all of those mourning their loss, and those mourning the many others who have lost their lives to racist violence in the US and across the world.

We stand in solidarity with all those who continue to be oppressed and experience racism and discrimination and with those protesting and demanding justice and equality.

Whilst this is not a new movement, the response has seen a huge surge in awareness and support for the anti-racism cause.

However, in the words of James Baldwin, ‘…people find it very difficult to act on what they know. To act is to be committed…’

At EqualiTeach, our vision is for an equal, inclusive, diverse society where everyone is valued and able to succeed. We have always, and continue to, strive for equality in all that we do.

Therefore, we want to play our small part in working towards long term, sustainable change in tackling systemic racism and oppression.

Firstly, we want to ensure that black voices and experiences are centred and amplified. We have collated some powerful written responses and reflections from black and mixed-race colleagues, friends and family members, highlighting the impact of the situation in the US on Black people in the UK, but also reminding us that this is not just an American issue. There is racism embedded in UK society which needs to be urgently addressed. You can read these here:

To complement these testimonies, we have collated some recommended resources for addressing and understanding privilege, learning about black British history and racism in the UK, exploring perspectives from different black experiences, and for directly supporting campaigns and movements working towards justice and equality. This collection of resources can be found here:

We also know that whilst it is essential to discuss racism with children and young people, this can be a challenging topic and people may not know where to start. We have written some guidance and tips for talking to young people about racism, which includes suggested books to use, which can be found here:

Finally, we want to draw attention to the practical support that EqualiTeach offers to schools and organisations looking to embed equality throughout their settings. Many of our resources are available free of charge, and all of our work is not-for-profit. If you would like a conversation about the support we may be able to offer you as you look to take pro-active steps towards equality, give us a call or drop us an email: 01480 470660

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