All Inclusive: Brand New Teaching Resource

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EqualiTeach has been funded by Buckinghamshire County Council to produce a brand new educational resource, which has been designed to support teachers to tackle prejudice-related bullying in primary schools.

thumbnail of ALL INCLUSIVE educational resource

 It is estimated that 4% of pupils in England’s schools are disabled. Schools are doing increasingly well at creating accessibility plans, making reasonable adjustments and providing an inclusive service for pupils with disabilities. Alongside considering the physical space and the learning needs of disabled pupils, it is also vital to ensure that our schools provide an environment where disabled pupils are safe from bullying and harassment.

 There is evidence that bullying of pupils with disabilities and special educational needs is widespread:

  • 62% of disabled pupils have been bullied, 19% daily or weekly and 38% at least once  per month.(DCSF, July 2008)
  • 40% of children on the autistic spectrum have been bullied at school (The National  Autistic Society)
  • 90% of people with a learning disability have been bullied at school, two-thirds on a  regular basis (Mencap)

 Experiences of being bullied, or worrying about it, are extremely destructive and can damage social skills and progress. Pupils who are the targets of bullying may become depressed and withdrawn. For many disabled young people, bullying continues over many years and can blight their lives into adulthood. If we are going to eliminate disability-related bullying, we need to take a whole school approach. We need to change attitudes, involve pupils, teachers, support staff, governors, parents and carers. In November 2013 EqualiTeach surveyed Buckinghamshire primary schools to find out what support they would like with regards to disability-related bullying and this information was used to provide a structure for the final resource.

 ‘All Inclusive’ provides an overview of the situation with regards to disability-related bullying in primary schools, sets out the legal and Ofsted framework within which this work can take place, outlines approaches & activities which can be undertaken in order to eliminate prejudices and foster good relations between pupils, advises on how to respond if things go wrong and finishes with links to further materials and organisations which can provide further support.

 The resource will officially be launched at Buckinghamshire County Council’s Anti-Bullying Conference on Tuesday 25th March. Mike Appleyard, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education and Skills at Buckinghamshire County Council, said:

 “This resource has been developed for primary teachers to support equality work in their schools. We want all children to appreciate and celebrate the contribution that people with a disability can make in our society. Every school will at some time have a child or children who have a disability and being able to develop their knowledge and understanding is at the heart of this document. We hope this publication will offer practical help and add to the very good work that many schools are already doing to meet their Equalities duty.”

 You can download a free copy of ‘All Inclusive’ here

 We hope that you find the resource useful, particularly in light of the fact that the theme for anti-bullying week 2014 will be about raising the issue of the disproportionate amount that children and young people who have special educational needs and / or disabilities (SEND) that are bullied in schools.

 We would also welcome your feedback, please e-mail it to:

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