EqualiTeach is proud to introduce Free to Be, a resource which offers a complete strategy for transforming the whole-school environment into a space committed to embedding LGBT+ equality and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying.

This resource has been produced as part of a year-long project which has seen EqualiTeach work with 27 primary schools in Greater London.

The Need for this Work

This section introduces the context for this work; the legal framework which relates to promoting LGBT+ equality and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in education settings; and the key terminology practitioners need to understand before carrying out this work.

Step 1: Preparing to Undertake this Work

This section outlines the key considerations that each school must take into account before embarking on their journey to becoming a more LGBT+ inclusive setting. It includes practical guidance on getting started, actions to avoid and an audit to enable educators to complete a baseline assessment of their setting.

Step 2: Reviewing Policies and Procedures

The following chapter provides general guidance on how to ensure all school policies and procedures are LGBT+ inclusive, as well as specific support on key policies pertaining to LGBT+ inclusion, including the Equality and Diversity Policy, Safeguarding Policy, Behaviour Policy and Relationships and Sex Education Policy.

Step 3: Considering the School Environment

When embedding LGBT+ equality and tackling HBT bullying throughout a school, it is essential to review all elements of school life to consider the adaptations that can be made. This can be done by taking a learning walk through the school, noting every area that can impact on inclusion and safety. 

This section provides guidance for carrying out this work effectively.

Step 4: Teaching and Learning

The key to embedding LGBT+ equality in teaching and learning is not just to focus on stand-alone lessons about identity and relationships (although options for these can be found within this resource) but to ensure that teaching and learning in all subject areas is inclusive of LGBT+ people. 

This section provides guidance on embedding LGBT+ equality throughout the curriculum as well as suggested lesson plans and activities that can be used in the classroom

Step 5: Recognising and Responding to Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Incidents

In order to ensure that all incidents are picked up by the school and dealt with consistently, the school must have a clear procedure for dealing with prejudice-related incidents, which is communicated to all staff and pupils.

This section provides information and guidance for developing and effective procedure, including sample documents.