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Brand New Resource: Free to Be

EqualiTeach have launched a free educational resource for schools based on the good practice developed throughout the Free To Be programme.

Asexuality flag

Asexuality: An Introduction

Recent feedback from many staff training sessions indicates a lack of understanding and confidence around asexuality. This blog aims to deliver clarity and equip school staff to respond to questions and incidents effectively and knowledgeably.

The Next Chapter for White Privilege

Understanding the unearned benefits of having a White identity is key in challenging inequality, enabling us to recognise the issues and be part of the required change.

toxic masculinity

“Toxic” Masculinity

Toxic masculinity can therefore be thought as a version of masculinity expressed through a rigid and negative understanding of what ‘being a man’ means.

Black History Month

Black History Month: Celebrating Alternative Histories

By Olga Nasiridou: Black History Month is a time to honour the achievements and contributions of Black people. However, often, Black History Month focusses on the achievements of a narrow group of Black civil rights activists such as Martin Luther

Why children and young people need opportunities to explore difference

By Georgina Manning: Recently I took my daughter to see ‘In Conversation: Queer Perspectives’ at the National Portrait Gallery. Queer Perspectives is a quarterly event hosted by resident artist Sadie Lee, where she invites guests who identify as LGBTQI

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