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Responding to Young People’s Questions and Fears

By Sarah: “There’s just so much news at the moment, my head is going to explode!” – a recent comment from a year 6 girl I was working with, and she’s not alone. Whether it’s the Grenfell fire, Brexit,

What would you like for 2017? Empathy please.

By Theresa:   I vote for more empathy in the New Year, because I would like to join Roman Krzanric in his idea that “empathy is a catalyst for social change”. I’m aware that technically a new year can

The Far-Right: Hiding in Plain Sight?

By Kate: Two weeks ago I delivered a workshop on critical thinking with year 5 pupils in a primary school in East London. At the beginning of the workshop, we played a game where groups of young people had

Refugees Welcome?

By Sarah:  “With those crow’s feet at 17, he’s obviously been using the wrong moisturiser!” -Sun Executive commenting on a refugee from Calais Human beings have a natural fear of change and of the ‘other’ or unknown.  Alongside this,

Supporting Young People in Post-Referendum Britain

By Sarah: “Immigrants are the reason we voted to leave the EU” –10 year old pupil in an EqualiTeach workshop. On the morning of Friday 24th June, it became clear that Britain had experienced an historic vote that could

An EU-Motional Time for Britain?

By Rachel: There has been a lot of research undertaken recently, to look into the different effects our emotions have on the way we make decisions, and it is becoming increasingly evident that our emotions are actually the biggest

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