KSS CRC commissioned EqualiTeach to deliver 16 online race equality training sessions for over 200 middle and senior managers, with each member of staff receiving three hours of training.

Training was delivered online via Zoom and included breakout spaces to discuss personal experiences, interactive activities, whole group discussion and reflection.

Feedback was collected at the end of each training session.
80% indicated that their confidence to have conversations about race and identity, and to challenge racist incidents had ‘improved’ or ‘greatly improved’ as a result of the training.

I enjoyed all the exercises, videos and recordings as they made you challenge your own perceptions in a light-hearted and safe way.

Course tutors were very good, made sure everyone was included and had a voice.
I thought the approach taken was very enabling and it was a valuable opportunity, to stop, think and reflect.

I found the training very interesting and thought provoking. Made me consider things in a different way that I may not have realised before.

Participants were asked what changes they would make as a result of the training:

I will try not to shy away from fearful conversations. I will encourage my staff to do the same.

I am more likely to challenge use of inappropriate language.
We are using some of the techniques to help promote an even more inclusive, reflective work environment and making sure time for team discussions on equality is featured consistently in team meetings and individual supervision.

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