As conversations on race and racism came to the fore in 2020, Hallfield Primary school in London wanted to make sure they were providing their students with the opportunity to understand and discuss racism. 

EqualiTeach delivered Reject Racism workshops to years 3-6, tailored to each year group.

Alongside the student workshops, EqualiTeach delivered training for their staff, to equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to continue these conversations with young people moving forward.

The school is keen to ensure they are embedding equality throughout their setting, building on the training and workshops by also considering and reviewing policies and practices. 

The school began working towards a Silver Equalities Award in 2020 which will provide the framework to measure and recognise the work they have in place as well as the guidance and support to build on this work to embed a best practice approach to equality and diversity across the board.

This informed the children of contemporary issues regarding racism and stereotypes. A good presenter, optimistic and positive, fast pace and useful workshop with good context and resources.
Reject Racism Workshops
Be respectful and kind.
We learnt the meaning of racism.
Don't judge others.
Racism can really affect people.
Student responses
Reject Racism Workshops

The Equalities Award

The Equalities Award is an online auditing tool providing the opportunity to review, benchmark and celebrate a school’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion. The Award includes one-to-one support from an equality expert for your school and brings added benefits such as training and workshop discounts.

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Workshops with Young People

Engaging and interactive workshops with young people on various aspects of equality. We tailor workshops to respond to the needs of individual schools and classes and to suit different age groups, abilities and learning needs.

A whole school approach

Full Packages for Education Settings

You can take advantage of any combination of services. A fully tailored package could include various workshops and training sessions, developing action plans and ongoing support for a whole-school approach.

  • Equality auditing and consultancy
  • Training and workshops
  • Online sessions and e-learning
  • Equalities Award
Absolutely brilliant! Really well delivered, thank you! I think this is a great starting point for further dialogue. Very informative and lots of discussion opportunities. Extremely useful and thought-provoking.
Hallfield School Teachers

Equality in Education

Equality, diversity and inclusion services for schools and education settings, including in-person and online staff training; e-learning courses; workshops with children and young people; consultancy; policy review and development; and auditing tools.

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