Diversity & Inclusion for a Better Workplace

Creating a Culture of Inclusion is Core to an Organisation’s Success

Embracing and engaging with diversity and inclusion in the workplace fosters a working environment that is supportive, creative and brimming with ideas, as varied perspectives are brought together and each individual is able to thrive.

EqualiTeach’s vision is for an equal, inclusive and productive society where everyone is valued and able to achieve their full potential, and we have a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience in supporting people to realise this vision within their workplaces and beyond.

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Audit of Workplace Culture

To plan our services and offer a tailored, effective package, we need to get to know your business, its culture and people.

Current policies and how you apply diversity and inclusion can all be part of an initial audit that will determine our approach.

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Support & Consultancy Services

We work with businesses and organisations to create positive change in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Our support can include community consultation, developing clear objectives, action plans and reviewing policies and procedures.

Diversity training

Diversity & Inclusion Training

We can provide high quality training in subjects of diversity and inclusion for everyone at your company or organisation.

Face-to-face sessions can be carried out under safe conditions, or live online sessions can be arranged for groups via Zoom and MS Teams.

Results & Analysis

We want to bring about positive change in working environments that will benefit everyone, including all staff, managers and directors.

We can gather reactions, responses and results, allowing us to review the impact of our work with you, and then provide easy to understand reports. 

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In-Person or Online Training and Services

We can visit you in person for face-to-face meetings and training sessions, but if you would prefer, we can conduct meetings and session delivery all via online remote video link. 

This has proven to be a popular and efficient format for some time, and our professional team are experienced in providing the same quality of services however you choose to access them.

Thank you! Managed skilfully, providing us with lots of tools to move forward
I thought the approach taken was very enabling and it was a valuable opportunity, to stop, think and reflect.
Bespoke solutions to drive success

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Recognising the diversity in our globalised society, it would be remiss to approach organisations with a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ package that looks the same for everyone.

Diversity and inclusion issues within the workplace manifest in many different ways; organisations may be looking to improve their recruitment practice to create more diverse staff teams, build an inclusive leadership culture, upskill staff to gain commitment to diversity and inclusion, or to reduce gaps in monitoring data.

We also know that no one knows your business, and what works for your context, better than you.

So, we share our expertise, tailor our approach, and collaborate with our clients to develop bespoke solutions to drive success through applying evidence-based approaches to diversity and inclusion.

Staff training consulting

Improve Recruitment Practice

Conducting in-depth end to end recruitment reviews, to attract and retain staff from the widest talent pool possible.

Upskill Staff Teams

Providing immersive learning experiences to foster supportive, collaborative and productive staff teams.

Build an Inclusive Leadership Culture

Developing and strengthening governance structures and ensuring a leadership culture that accelerates diversity ambitions.

Reduce Gaps in Monitoring Data

Providing guidance and tools to monitor and achieve strategic diversity and inclusion objectives and measure the impact of diversity initiatives.

Robust auditing tools

Diversity and Inclusion are about the Journey, Not the Destination

Organisations can sometimes find it difficult to know where to start in developing diversity and inclusion solutions. In order to develop interventions that work, the first step is to fully understand the situation within your organisation.

We have developed robust auditing tools to support clients to recognise their current strengths, highlight areas to improve, and build strategic plans moving forward.

We support our clients to roll out comprehensive consultations with their employees and key stakeholders, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard, and that any changes implemented have buy-in across the board.

We then combine this with organisational data analysis and insights drawn from research; applying the principles of evidence-based practice to develop an effective intervention for you.

Achieving results in the short and long term

We Can Deliver Fast Results, but Some Changes Will Take Time

Whilst it would be fantastic if we could click our fingers and create the inclusive, diverse and equal society of our vision, for change to be sustainable, it takes time, consideration and behavioural shifts.

We develop packages that incorporate as many quick wins as we can manage, so the impact of our interventions can be felt immediately, whilst supporting clients to develop a sustainable long-term approach to embedding diversity and inclusion.

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Example Intervention Pathway

This is an example of how we can work with businesses to bring about real results and positive changes to your workplace. We tailor our services, so you can always ask us to develop an inclusion and diversity plan that suits your needs exactly.


Baseline Assessment and Preparation

Getting to Know You

EqualiTeach can provide you with a self-evaluation tool, analyse organisational data and survey staff and key stakeholders to identify strengths and weaknesses with regards to diversity and inclusion.

We will work with you to identify themes and priorities, and this data will be used to inform and tailor the approach to all elements of the partnership.


Policy Review

Understanding the Current Culture

We audit and review the organisation’s policies and procedures, conducting equality impact assessments and providing advice and support for strengthening these.


Staff Training

Positive Changes for Your Team

We deliver staff training sessions for senior leadership, managers and frontline staff, with the tailored content based on the consultation responses. The training can be delivered face to face, or as live online sessions via Zoom or MS Teams.


Reports and Analysis

Using Information to Drive Real Results

EqualiTeach can create a report based on the findings from the consultation, policy work and staff training sessions.

A member of the EqualiTeach team will then meet with you to support the development and implementation of your equality action plan. For example: aiding the creation of equality working groups, policy roll out and communications with staff.


Consultation Services

Supporting You in Your Work

If needed, we can be available for ongoing consultation services as well as regular assessment and analysis of workplace culture.

Information and data can be used to plan any future training and ensure your business remains a healthy environment for all staff and management.

First Steps

Talk to Us

Please get in touch with any questions and to arrange a call or meeting, we can discuss your requirements and everything you would like to achieve.

An Inclusive Workplace Culture is Better for Everyone

Invaluable advice and guidance from an experienced team of professionals.

Investing in the Future

EqualiTeach is a not-for-profit, we are committed to a vision of an equal, inclusive and productive society where everyone is valued and able to achieve their full potential.

Alongside supporting workplaces to embed best practice on diversity and inclusion, we provide a range of services for education settings.

Our Investing in the Future (IitF) Fund uses income generated from our workplace training contracts to offer fully funded workshops for schools who will most benefit from our intervention, so our clients can feel comfortable in the knowledge that their own diversity and inclusion journeys are supporting the development of equal and inclusive school environments.

equality workshops for young people
equality workshops for young people


Take a look at our FAQs for answers to some common questions.
If you have further queries or want to discuss our services, please get in touch with our team of experts.

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