Equalities Award

The Equalities Award provides support and guidance for schools to effectively promote equality, diversity and inclusion and allows schools to showcase their commitment to equality.

The Award has been designed by a team of equality and education experts to allow schools to fulfil their statutory duties to:

  • Eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity, and foster good relations (Equality Act, 2010)
  • Promote community cohesion (Education and Inspections Act, 2006)
  • Prevent people being drawn into terrorism (Counter Terrorism and Security Act, 2015)
  • Safeguard children and promote spiritual moral, social and cultural development (Education Act 2002)

There are bronze, silver and gold levels to allow schools to work at an achievable level and build upon a commitment to equality over time. Schools can progress through the levels as their equalities work develops.

For full details and to register your interest, go to www.equalitiesaward.co.uk or get in touch.

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Completing the Equalities Award has been amazing. I have really enjoyed working on it, and it has really made me think deeply and carefully about so many different aspects of the school. Although I have been the member of staff to complete this, I have had support from many colleagues, making this Award a whole school achievement.

The help I have had from my Award Representative, Kate, has been invaluable. She has been supportive, marked and fed back on strands very promptly, and talked through any issues I've had. Seeing the percentages on the different areas going up has been addictive!

Kate has been a real expert in her advice, and always pointed me in the right direction and given me suggestions. Without this help, I would have found it much trickier.

Our school really value equality, diversity and inclusion, and this Award is the perfect award to showcase the work you do for all!
Peckover Primary School
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