Staff Training

EqualiTeach provides bespoke staff training sessions which cover the following areas:

  • The moral, legal and business arguments for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Best practice for creating an equal, diverse and inclusive workforce
  • The impact of unconscious bias in the workplace and how to overcome it
  • Explaining privilege and how structural and institutional discrimination operate to exclude people
  • Organisations’ legal duties with regards to equality, diversity and inclusion, under the Equality Act 2010
  • Appropriate and inappropriate language to discuss diversity and identity
  • Preventing, identifying and responding effectively to discrimination, harassment and victimisation in the workplace
  • Conducting equality impact assessments
  • Making reasonable adjustments
  • In depth sessions which focus on each of the protected characteristics – age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage & civil partnership, pregnancy & maternity, race, religion or belief, sex & sexual orientation.
Equalities discussion around a table

We have a robust Coronavirus Risk Assessment to enable us to work with your staff safely, and also offer a live online delivery option.

EqualiTeach's Approach

All training is bespoke

To ensure that training is tailored to your organisation’s need, our team of experts will work with you to:

  • Hold an initial meeting and conduct a learning walk to learn about the organisation
  • Understand the organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Distribute pre-training questionnaires to participants

We create a safe space in which people are able to raise concerns

We adopt a non-judgemental, non-confrontational, open and honest approach.

Participants are actively encouraged to bring forward questions and concerns which are addressed throughout the session.


Our training is lively and interactive

The training includes engaging activities and discussions, providing opportunities for people to reflect, work through solutions and develop proactive approaches to create change. 

Our training is practical

Our overarching aim is to inspire people to further develop their understanding after our intervention has ended and to implement their learning in practice.   


Contact us to discuss your requirements and see how EqualiTeach can support you in your drive for equality. 

Bring equality training to your staff

The session gave us an overview of what's acceptable, what's not, focussed on our sector and our organisation in practice. I liked the presenter’s enthusiasm and the teamwork required. It was very engaging - more fun than watching a PowerPoint.
National Museums Liverpool
Questions were thought provoking - very well presented and useful for our workplace. The presenter was a very good speaker, the handouts were informative, and it gave me food for thought. Best training in this arena I have had.
Buckinghamshire County Council
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