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NUT Training Event, London: Supporting teachers to respond to young people’s questions and fears


Date(s) - 05/07/2017
12:00 am


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Whether it’s Brexit, Donald Trump, Syria or the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London; national and international events are impacting on the lives of children and young people in schools up and down the country. Childline has reported a 35% increase in anxiety counselling sessions amongst young callers. Research indicates the reasons for the sharp rise are down to a combination of personal and political issues.

Teachers are increasingly being faced with questions and worries from young people. The NUT in partnership with EqualiTeach have developed a training course to help teachers respond in a supportive and effective fashion to young people’s questions and fears around these issues.

This training session will support participants to:

  • address their concerns about working with young people on issues that worry or distress them;
  • explore techniques to deal with questions from young people;
  • effectively challenge prejudicial attitudes;
  • educate young people to help them to recognise misinformation and reject stereotypes, prejudice and hate
  • help young people to become active citizens and create positive communities

The course is free to NUT members.

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