EqualiTeach is now a Charity!

We are excited to announce, as we come to the end of our 10th anniversary celebrations, that EqualiTeach is now a charity!

EqualiTeach has always been driven by a vision of an equal, inclusive and diverse society, where everyone is valued and able to succeed, and has always operated on a not-for-profit basis as a Community Interest Company. Becoming a charity opens even more doors and allows us to expand our reach and increase our impact, providing more services free of charge to where there is greatest need.

Clients, staff, volunteers and donors can engage with us under the assurance that we are monitored and advised by the Charity Commission and that all of the monies received will be ploughed directly into fulfilling our charitable purposes (you can find our vision, mission and aims here).

Our Advisory Board has now become our Board of Trustees, who will steer the ship as we travel through our second decade and embark on this exciting new chapter. Currently a team of six, this group of experienced, knowledgeable, and committed volunteers provides an extra level of scrutiny on the activities of the organisation, ensuring that we are working in the best possible way.

Being a charity increases our ability to access grants, fundraise and take part in campaigning activities, whilst providing increased transparency and credibility for donors and clients. We will receive reduced rates on services we access and can claim Gift Aid on donations increasing the size of the pot to work with people for the public good.

If you’d like to get involved in supporting EqualiTeach the charity:

  • Apply now to join our Board of Trustees to help guide the organisation through this exciting next phase. Find out more
  • Donate to our Investing in the Future programme to fund free workshops for schools. Find out more
  • Spread the word to help more organisations and schools access our EDI support! Find us on Linkedin, X, Facebook, Instagram and Threads @EqualiTeach
  • Fundraise for us! If you would like to run a marathon in EqualiTeach colours, or have other exciting fundraising ideas, please let us know here

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey so far, and to everyone who is by our side as me move into this exciting new phase. 😊

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