Celebrating Diversity in 2024!  

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How our diversity calendar can help

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Diversity breeds strength in any organisation, bringing together mixed perspectives, leading to varied ideas and improved decision-making. Inclusive organisations celebrate their diversity, which provides a sense of belonging and inclusion for all in the community.   

You can download EqualiTeach’s 2024 Diversity Calendar free of charge, or contact us to request a hard copy, and read on for some tips for how to make the most of this tool. 

Download EqualiTeach 2024 Diversity Calendar – A3

Download EqualiTeach 2024 Diversity Calendar – A2

EqualiTeach 2024 Diversity Calendar

Planning ahead

The diversity calendar displays a wide range of religious, cultural and secular holidays, celebration and commemoration days across the year, so can be a helpful tool to plan ahead for these events.  

Consult with your community and ask for their ideas as to how to mark key events. People may wish to run activities which provide them with an opportunity to share more about something that is important to them. 

Starting a conversation

When you know which key festivals and commemorative events are coming up, these can be used as a starting point to open conversations and drive change. Having the calendar displayed in a communal staff area can spark conversations between colleagues too, about their own celebrations, fostering a sense of community and belonging. 

Raising the profile

Often in the UK, the holidays that get marked, noted and talked about most are those such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. By marking a wider variety of festivals and holidays on a calendar, it raises awareness of the different celebrations our community may be taking part in, and creates space for discussions on how we can be more inclusive. 

Respecting and celebrating diversity

All of these steps accumulate into an environment where diversity is being marked, respected and celebrated throughout the year. This can improve workplace culture, building strong relationships, and making sure that everyone in our community feels welcome and included.  

Here’s to a happy, vibrant and celebratory 2024!  

EqualiTeach provides training and consultancy services for businesses, local authorities, schools and education settings throughout the UK. If you would like support with promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in your school or organisation, please contact us.

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